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The Ballad of the Mad Squirrel is going "Friends Only". If you would like to read my journal, please comment to this entry.

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Thanks gail!

John Barrowman and his sister Carol on "This Morning". They are so fun.


Invalid video URL.
John Barrowman On This Morning
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Blessed Samhain

Happy Halloween

My youger sister sent me these. I've always felt a sneaking kinship with Maxine.

More behind the cut )

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I never have been a gamer but...

A bit of [Bad username: http://community.livejournal.com/metaquotes/6367213.html]metaquotes for [info]eriklebeau and any other games out there.

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Feeling sheepish

Stolen from [info]m_fallenangel

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It's more than a necklace and a fish on your car

via [info]liz_marcs

Ann Coulter claims to be a Christian.

I don't think she even knows what it means.

Somewhere her Sunday school teacher is hanging her head in shame.

I'm a Pagan and I'm a better Christian than Ann Coulter.

IMO, Coulter's on the "fast track" to somewhere, and it's not salvation.

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Make it better

I'm looking for a clip of the 'That 70's Show' episode "The Seeker" from season six. It's after Hyde has fallen off the water tower, Kitty tells he him can go home from the hospital. As he's leaving the room, she offers him a piece of candy for his boo-boo. He tells her he doesn't need that baby stuff. She tells him she can have it for a kiss. (meant in a maternal way) Hyde positively skips back to her, kisses her, and takes the lolly.

I've looked in YouTube and I can't find anything. That doesn't mean it's not there. It might just mean I'm not very good at looking.

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Just delightful

From Snopes.com

Black bears on backyard playset.

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Still a hot mama

Check out this photo of Nichelle Nichols at the Scream awards.

IMO the woman is still gorgeous, and I'd give my eyeteeth for that gorgeous hunk of turquoise on her finger.

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Explanation via photo

I'm posting this for a non native English speaking friend.

Mary Janes are what Americans call what was originally a child's style of shoe (in Britain little boys used to wear them too, remember pictures of Christopher Robin in the Winnie the Pooh books?). In the U.S., only girl's ever wore them, that I'm aware. E.G.:

The shoe is sometimes adapted for adult women. Here is the one I bought:

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pretty kitty, nice kitty, gentle kitty

Check out what happens when you put a Jayne-ish hat on a Jayne namesake.

The link will take you to Whedonesque.com where the link to the actual pic was posted. I agree with the first comment on Whedonesque.

Just be glad this Jayne doesn't have a Vera. Or opposable thumbs.

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I have done a bunch of charging recently, which I can't really afford, but I don't really have a choice. None of my winter tops fit me any more, and because I've even gained weight in my feet, the dressy-ish black flat shoes I bought several years ago don't fit. They weren't wide enough to begin with, and the square toe thing has gone out of style. So I went to Shoe Mall and Woman Within (formerly Lane Bryant Catalog) via My Points (to get points for the purchases) and bought some long sleeved tops and a black sweater, and some dressy-ish black flat Mary Jane shoes (I don't wear heels).

The Mary Janes arrived yesterday, so yay! But not yay, because although they say they are my size, they are too smal. S o I have to send them back, and wait twice as long as the first time for the next size up. So disappointing. I don't have anywhere to wear them any time soon, but I wanted to be able to potter around the house in my nifty new shoes.

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Oh, were you sleeping?

Stolen from [info]robinchristine

Invalid video URL.

This was our late cat Dewey in the morning, minus the use of props. Dewey would start with meowing, move up to pawing my face, and finally escalate to jumping back and forth over my head.

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I always thought Legolas' hair could use a little more body

Check out the fun with bad LOTR fanfic on [info]metaquotes here

Some of the replies are fun too. (she says subtly)

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Power Play

A certain wonderful [info]adventbunny sent me the link to this story:

Meeting the Master
a Doctor Who/Forever Knight crossover ficlet
The Master/LaCroix
SPOILERS: set before the events in the DW episode "Utopia", so spoilers for the end of DW series three
WARNINGS: slightly slashy, althouth IMO it's more about power than sex

My thoughts behind the cut to avoid spoilage )

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Guaranteed to brighten your day

The friend who sent this to me said "This bird dances better than my ex-husband!"

Boppin' Birdy

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see below


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Just sell me a tent with arm holes.

Mom and I went to the mall yesterday. Penny's was having a sale, and we just felt like a little retail scenery. Why is it that I look so much fatter in the floor length mirror in Lane Bryant than I do in the one in my room? I saw some cute shoes too, but no joy for me, as mall stores generally only carry medium widths. It's really depressing when you go to the mall and the only thing that fits you is the food.

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Big Damned Muppets

Stolen from [info]itsabigrock

Beyond shiny: Seremuppety

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What's up Drac?

Stolen from [info]robinchristine

Transylvania 6-5000

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